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Website Likegate

Hide parts of content from your site visitors until they like your page. (As demonstrated here: The code can be written by hand or found for a fee online.

This is a great way to retain your visitors, but also give them an incentive to like by offering promo codes, hidden gems, or anything else they might like! Give it a try.

Pinterest SEO

This week we expand our discussion on how to leverage¬†Online Visual Marketing¬†successfully in your bridal business by taking a fresh look at creating inspiration boards on Pinterest. You might think the point of Pinterest is to garner attention for your brand inside this busy social network. And, of course, it is. But the value of Pinterest to me is far greater than that. I’m also highly interested in the traffic I can build outside of Pinterest…namely, from search engines. And in my consistent pursuit of Pinterest SEO strategies, I’ve discovered a few that you might not know about.

1. Your Links Don’t Count…Or Do They?

In March 2012, Pinterest added the “no follow” code to its overall infrastructure. That’s a tag that tells search engine crawlers not to follow a link to the destination. In plain English, it means you don’t get credit for the link that is placed in the Link field of your Pin and, consequently, it doesn’t help you build up search engine authority for your domain. However, that link can still send real, live traffic to your website, so don’t stop using it. Just know that it doesn’t necessarily count toward your SEO goodwill.

However, there is a silver lining…at least, for now. If a link is placed in the Description box of a Pin, it is a “do follow” link, which means that search engine crawlers can index it and can credit your website accordingly. So, if in addition to getting Pinterest traffic, you also want to boost your overall SEO, add your link to the Description field when pinning in Pinterest.

2. Your Pinterest Profile is Powerful

Search engines are officially indexing Pinterest profiles. This means two things for you. First, if you include your target keywords in your Pinterest profile description, there is a chance that your profile could appear in search engines for that keyword…even if your website doesn’t. Second, it means even more chances for your company to appear in search engines, outside of just your website. Take advantage and, remember, visitors will see the profile description so make sure it’s click-worthy.

3. Pinterest Plays Nice

Pinterest allows you to create a social networking web by letting you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts (only your personal Facebook profile, not your Fan Page). When you do this, you allow search engines to see that these various social accounts are associated with the same brand. 

And why would you want to do that? Because search engines are beginning to use your social clout and activity to determine the importance and relevancy of your brand and primary domain. When all of your social media accounts are connected and they all link back to your website, search engines can see the bigger picture and reward you for influential social activity with higher search engine rankings for the appropriate keywords.

So, in a nutshell, make sure your Twitter account is linked and, if you use your personal Facebook profile for business mostly, then connect that too.

Nice, simple social media icons for your site. Make sure your customers can easily get to your social media!

Nice, simple social media icons for your site. Make sure your customers can easily get to your social media!

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