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Website Likegate

Hide parts of content from your site visitors until they like your page. (As demonstrated here: The code can be written by hand or found for a fee online.

This is a great way to retain your visitors, but also give them an incentive to like by offering promo codes, hidden gems, or anything else they might like! Give it a try.

Nice, simple social media icons for your site. Make sure your customers can easily get to your social media!

Nice, simple social media icons for your site. Make sure your customers can easily get to your social media!

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Gaining Followers On Pinterest

pinning 10 Steps to Gaining Thousands of Followers on Pinterest

#1. Pin Amazing Pics – The best way to get followers is to pin repinable, likable and commentable pics period.

#2. Create Specific Boards – The majority of your followers will follow specific boards rather then you. Make sure your pins go in the proper board and truly fit the description of that board.

#3. Follow Power Pinners – Follow people that pin amazing pics. This will give you great ideas for pins as well as cool stuff to repin to your followers.

#4. Don’t Over Pin – A couple of pins per board per day. No one likes a million pins from the same person. People unfollow over pinners.

#5. Maximize your Description – This doesn’t neccessarliy mean using all of the available characters to describe your pin.  Maximizing your Description means writing a powerful or relevant description about your pin.  This could be something as simple as “want, or love or WTF?”

#6. Pin Original Content – Content moves fast on the web. The best content gets shared quickly.  Creating and pinning original content is the a great way to gain followers.

#7. Pin Interesting Videos – Create a board/s for videos. Pinterest is a great place to pin and view cool / interesting videos.

#8. Like & Comment on Pins – Get involved. Like and comment on pins you like. This establishes a relationship with the pinner and you will get more follow backs if you are truly involved.

#9. Install the Pinterest Bookmarklet install this app in your browser for quick and easy pinning.

#10. Repin Amazing Pics - What more need I say?

#11. Follow JEMSU on Pinterest

Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

Pinterest may have started out as a place for women to share product images, but its meteoric rise as a social network makes it a great place for businesses too. Think of it as a place to share ideas in a visual way and be creative about how you can profit from that. Users on Pinterest love to share and repin images from a whole range of categories. As with any social network you just need to find a balance between self-promotion, social networking, and making money.

Here are just a few ways you can use Pinterest both for profit and promotion.

Promote Your Blog

If you have an image on your blog, it’s pinnable. For that reason alone, you should always add an image on each of your blog posts along with a “Pin it” button under each. Aside from that, readers are drawn to images and an interesting one encourages them to go on and read your article.

When you or a reader pins your image to Pinterest, it creates a direct link back to your blog. This not only adds to your link-building efforts, it can bring a whole new type of traffic to your site. Create themed boards on Pinterest that are based on the categories on your website, and make sure that you always pin your own blog post images to those boards.

Involve Your Customers

Having Pinterest boards is a new way to engage your customers online. Not only can they pin their favorite images to your boards, but they can comment on them and share them with their friends and followers. When people enjoy interacting with your website, they’ll come back more often. This not only builds your relationship with website visitors, but it gives you far greater opportunities to showcase your products and services.

Inspire Your Customers

Often people only see your products in one way and for one purpose. Pinterest boards give you the chance to inspire different ways to use your products through visuals. For example, if you sell wedding favors, you can show pictures of them at the table settings of customers’ weddings. That’s far more inspiring than a simple product image in your store.

Show That You’re a Real Person

It’s always difficult to make a personal connection with people online vs. face-to-face. By including both business boards and personal boards in your Pinterest account, prospects and customers get to see some of your own interests. They start to see the real person behind the business persona. Even if you are representing a large company, remember that customers are eager to know the real people behind the corporate face. If you’re a small business or entrepreneur, this is even more critical.

Add Affiliate Links

You may not realize it, but you can also insert your own affiliate links on your pins. It’s a whole new way of doing affiliate marketing. You can create boards that are just product oriented and earn cash when people click those links and buy something. Just go into the “edit” button for a specific pin and replace the direct link to the product with your affiliate link.

Pinterest isn’t going anywhere any time soon and it is incredibly active. Make the most of it as a place to engage your customers and prospects. At the same time, it presents a new opportunity to earn income online from a completely different source. 

16 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Page

Getting fans to comment on your Facebook Page can take a lot of time and effort. And it can sometimes be painful seeing other Facebook Pages who make engagement look easy.

But even the most active Facebook Page walls began from a standing start. And many of them got to where they are today by making it easier for fans to comment on their Page.

Facebook fans hate homework

Asking questions are probably the easiest way to get fans commenting. But keep in mind that Facebook fans don’t like homework. If they have to spend time trying to understand a question, they’ll be less likely to answer it.

16 Ways To Ask Questions On Facebook

  1. Ask specific questions – The last thing your fans want to do is homework. Asking your fans what we can do to cut down carbon emissions might get comments from your biggest fans, but most of them would just skip to the next item in their news feed. Specificity will get more comments.
  2. Ask yes or no questions – Yes or no: Are you more likely to answer“yes or no” questions, or open-ended ones that require time and attention? Point given.
  3. Ask timely questions - Are you staying home or traveling this holiday?
  4. Ask edgy questionsGreen Peace does a great job with this by asking questions like “Do you live near a nuclear power plant?”
  5. Ask true or false questions – This type of question works really well for historical societies. Always begin these questions with “True or False:“. Fans will be more likely to answer if they know that a simple answer is all that’s required.
  6. Ask questions about a photo – Share a photo an ask your fans to comment. For example, an animal rights org could post a photo and ask “What’s wrong with this picture?”
  7. Ask poll questionsFacebook’s new “Questions” feature makes it easy to create polls on your Page. Plus, there’s a good chance they’ll create more awareness about your Page then a simple wall post.
  8. Ask fun questions – Don’t be afraid to go off topic with your fans. It will remind them that you’re just like them, and will help establish a more human connection with them. For example, “What’s your families favorite vacation spot?”
  9. Ask directly – If your Facebook Page is new, or if it’s been in a coma for months, getting any kind of response from fans can be difficult. If that’s the case with your Page, try asking specific fans that you know personally to comment on a post. You’ll get a good response if you tell them that you think they’d offer value and insight around a particular conversation.
  10. Ask preference questions – When you were in college, did you prefer essay questions or multiple choice questions? Exactly.
  11. Ask who’s attending an event – You can pose this question to fans located near an upcoming event. Bonus points if you share a link you your Facebook Event.
  12. Ask those who attended the event to share a favorite moment – If you’re a national organization that help an event in Chicago, you cantarget an update to those attendees asking to share their impressions. This will mainly get responses from your core fans, but will give less active fans a deeper look at your organization’s culture.
  13. Ask for tips – This one works well if your organization works with families. Asking for tips on how to get kids out of bed earlier would leverage shared experiences among your Facebook fans.
  14. Ask humanistic questions – This works especially well if your organization deals with a disease or syndrome. For example, The Brain Aneurysm Foundation launched their Page simply by asking: “When you were first recovering from a brain aneurysm, what gave you the most hope?”
  15. Ask fill in the blank questions – Another way to make less work for your Facebook fans is to use “fill in the blank” questions. When you ask these, always begin with “Fill in the blank:”. Your fans will be more likely to answer a question if they know what’s expected. And everybody knows how “fill in the blank questions” work.
  16. Reply and pay attentionPeople skills 101 talks about acknowledging when someone answers a question. When your fans answer questions, comment back and deepen the conversation.

Go Global

As a local business, you have a very limited prospect and customer base. However, once a business goes online, the potential for more sales is only limited by the logistics of shipping. And international delivery rates are cheaper than ever, so that’s not an excuse! In fact, some websites, like Etsy, have made it feasible for even the smallest individual business owner to give the whole world access to their products.

While it’s certainly possible to survive purely as a local business, the potential to grow and prosper is far greater when you have a website also. It’s just a matter of being visible to customers and prospects in the place they spend much of their time, while opening up your business to a whole new market.

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