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Content makes social media an effective tool for achieving core marketing goals including building brand, attracting prospects, converting customers, and supporting sales and advocates. Content feeds social media’s voracious appetite for information in a variety of forms.

Distributing targeted content across different social media platforms helps brands and businesses respond and engage with prospects and customers. This targeted information shows prospects that marketers have been listening to their problems.  Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion refers to this as the secret sauce. As a result, this content provides context for future interactions regardless of the device prospects use.

Here are the seven core social media content formats laid out in a useful infographic to help you use them effectively.

  1. Blogs are your social media home base in Chris Brogan’s opinion. Have one or more blogs to provide content that’s easily distributed and shared on other social media. Actionable Marketing Tip: Leverage the power of blogs to support your search optimization by integrating your blog(s) into your website, focusing each post on a keyword phrase, developing magnetic post titles, and creating stellar content that gets people’s attention.
  2. Images, particularly photographs, are a quick content format anyone can create with their smartphone and share via social media. Photographs pull viewers in and engage them. Use images to show your brand’s vision and versatility. Actionable Marketing Tip: Curate other people’s images with their permission. Also create images using text.
  3. Videos offer three options: high quality professional content (The figure mentioned at Content Marketing World was $10,000 per minute (but I haven’t checked this fact.)), the scrappy DIY approach used by up and coming YouTube celebs, and voice over presentation that’s like watching a webinar. Your choice depends on your subject and your budget. Actionable Marketing Tip: Optimize your video for search by adding text to it (since YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google.) Also, integrate a call-to-action into the audio portion of your video like a DRTV ad.
  4. Audio, specifically, podcasts, provide a personal channel to talk one-to-one to your audience with a human voice. Audio has significant potential given the prevalence of smartphones and the ability to multi-task while listening to podcasts. Actionable Marketing Tip: Build your audience and learn to use this medium before it’s growth period. Audio is low cost relative to video. Further, with smartphones always within arm’s reach, it’s a great way to give your audience content when they’re focused on your information such as drive time.
  5. Slideshare. According to Todd Wheatland, author of  The Marketer’s Guide to Slideshare, Slideshare is a content treasure trove since it can deliver any content format including PDFs, infographics, video, and text, to a targeted audience that generally B2B focused. Closely integrated with LinkedIn, Slideshare helps get your content found more effectively than posting it on owned media. Marketo, according to Maria Pergolino (@InboundMarketer), transformed their content into the SlideShare presentation, Building a Better Inbound Marketing Machine; it garnered 145K views and and 173 comments on Slideshare. Actionable Marketing Tip: Strategically select content that positions your organization for the business terms your target audience is searching and transform it to shine on Slideshare.
  6. E-books are a sexy way to provide information that answers your target audience’s questions regardless of business type. Sheridan compiled information comparing all of the pool manufacturers into an ebook for their customers called: How to Buy a Swimming Pool the Right Way, causing them to call him. Sheridan says, “Have a dang opinion and share it because no one likes grey today!” Actionable Marketing Tip: Keep e-books short (5 pages or less) or long (over 50 pages) based on research by Hubspot’s Dan Zarrella. (BTW-Here’s a link to my e-book, What Every Blogger Needs to Know – 101 Actionable Blog Tips.)
  7. Infographics are a visually appealing way to present information. This is attributable to the fact that many infographics transform data into colorful charts making it faster to grasp the concept. As a result, infographics integrated into articles and blog posts are highly shareable. Actionable Marketing Tip: Use infographics to show your expertise and build links back to your blog or website.

Website Likegate

Hide parts of content from your site visitors until they like your page. (As demonstrated here: The code can be written by hand or found for a fee online.

This is a great way to retain your visitors, but also give them an incentive to like by offering promo codes, hidden gems, or anything else they might like! Give it a try.

Pinterest SEO

This week we expand our discussion on how to leverage Online Visual Marketing successfully in your bridal business by taking a fresh look at creating inspiration boards on Pinterest. You might think the point of Pinterest is to garner attention for your brand inside this busy social network. And, of course, it is. But the value of Pinterest to me is far greater than that. I’m also highly interested in the traffic I can build outside of Pinterest…namely, from search engines. And in my consistent pursuit of Pinterest SEO strategies, I’ve discovered a few that you might not know about.

1. Your Links Don’t Count…Or Do They?

In March 2012, Pinterest added the “no follow” code to its overall infrastructure. That’s a tag that tells search engine crawlers not to follow a link to the destination. In plain English, it means you don’t get credit for the link that is placed in the Link field of your Pin and, consequently, it doesn’t help you build up search engine authority for your domain. However, that link can still send real, live traffic to your website, so don’t stop using it. Just know that it doesn’t necessarily count toward your SEO goodwill.

However, there is a silver lining…at least, for now. If a link is placed in the Description box of a Pin, it is a “do follow” link, which means that search engine crawlers can index it and can credit your website accordingly. So, if in addition to getting Pinterest traffic, you also want to boost your overall SEO, add your link to the Description field when pinning in Pinterest.

2. Your Pinterest Profile is Powerful

Search engines are officially indexing Pinterest profiles. This means two things for you. First, if you include your target keywords in your Pinterest profile description, there is a chance that your profile could appear in search engines for that keyword…even if your website doesn’t. Second, it means even more chances for your company to appear in search engines, outside of just your website. Take advantage and, remember, visitors will see the profile description so make sure it’s click-worthy.

3. Pinterest Plays Nice

Pinterest allows you to create a social networking web by letting you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts (only your personal Facebook profile, not your Fan Page). When you do this, you allow search engines to see that these various social accounts are associated with the same brand. 

And why would you want to do that? Because search engines are beginning to use your social clout and activity to determine the importance and relevancy of your brand and primary domain. When all of your social media accounts are connected and they all link back to your website, search engines can see the bigger picture and reward you for influential social activity with higher search engine rankings for the appropriate keywords.

So, in a nutshell, make sure your Twitter account is linked and, if you use your personal Facebook profile for business mostly, then connect that too.

Tips for having a memorable Halloween promotion

Now that summer is unofficially over, it’s time to start thinking about plugging in the remainder of your 2012 promotional calendar. There are some big dates still on the calendar, which means there are some big opportunities to keep your brand top-of-mind from now until the ball drops on 2013, starting with Halloween.

Here are five non-cavity inducing tips to make sure your Facebook page’s promotional efforts aren’t scary for the all the wrong reasons…

1) Give Your House A Little More Haunt – Brush up on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to immerse yourself in  the seasonal verbiage and take some fashion advice from Freddy Krueger to give your promotion and messaging a more authentic look, tone, and feel. Psst…it takes more work than some spider clip art in your cover photo and pushing out a generic “Happy Halloween” promo to send your brand viral.

2) Hand Out Quality Candy – Whatever promotion you decide to activate, remember to reward your fans from a “value” perspective. Seriously, liking a brand’s page only to be underwhelmed by what you receive in return (offer, gift, or experience) is kind of like trick-or-treating at the not so generous house on the block. No one ever tells their friends to go knock on the door of the house giving out the mini-box of raisins.

3) Ding-Dong > “Trick-o-Treat” > Moving Along – Your fans are busy and bombarded with orange and black invitations left and right, so make your promo simple for them to enter and participate with (yes, treat them, don’t trick them). A complex entry process has a tendency to scare users away just like The Jigsaw Killer.

4) Last-minute Costume Ideas Come Off As, Well, Last Minute – Don’t be the guy (brand) that lazily slaps together an uninspired costume at 8pm and then runs off to the party empty handed (not even a six-pack..). Start planning out your promotion now and you’ll actually have something to measure come November.

5) Reach and Connect With The Pumpkin Carvers – Halloween is unlike any other holiday. It has ridiculously fanatical following – online and off. From targeting the candy and decoration buying parents to the trick-o-treating kids to the costume party freaks, you should be using smart PR and paid media strategies to get the word out about your Facebook promotion. Hint: The most successful Haunted Houses (i.e. custom Facebook promos) market to visitors that live outside their own neighborhood.

Need more inspiration? Launch a costume photo contest to ramp up more engagement. How about inviting fans to participate in a scary caption contest or handing out budget costume ideas? For more ideas on how to spread your message, be sure to peep North Social’s custom apps to see how we can help launch a unique experience for your brand.


Getting more comments

Are you tired of seeing no or very less comments on your blog posts? Do you feel sad when you find out that no one wants to spend his 2 minutes in leaving a comment on the post which took hours of your efforts? If the answer to above questions is Yes, then here is good news for you, on average more than 80% of blogs suffers from “No Comments” disease. And to help you in getting rid of it, we’ve compiled a list of 18 types of posts that always gets lot of comments.

But before jumping to the list, what you need to understand is that number of comments is not an accurate index to measure success of blog. There are many other factors that determine the success of a blog – traffic, affiliate sales, advertisers etc. And if you can see a consistent increase on those departments then there is no reason to worry about comments. Now without further adieu, here are the 18 types of posts that can get you the maximum number of comments.

1. Giveaways/Competition/Freebies
 - Posts about giveaways and competitions are undisputedly one of the biggest comment getters. Want to see an example? Check any mommy blog and you’ll get an idea. Most of these competitions ask reader to leave a comment and winner is picked randomly from the comments. Bigger is the prize, more will be the number of people (comments) participating in it.

2. Promote yourself post -Who doesn’t love free exposure? We all love it. I know. Give your readers a chance to promote themselves. Here is an example – Promote Yourself And Share What You Do!

3. Lists and Useful resources post - No other marking campaign can beat a useful and well researched list relevant to your niche in getting number of comments and links. Such lists can easily go viral and can help you in building a loyal following. Example – 30+ principles to a better landing page design

4. Rants/Opinionated posts – Rants or opinionated posts give you an opportunity to express your opinions strongly on anything relevant to your niche. For e.g. – if you’re internet marketer you can express your opinions about any affiliate company. If you’re a doctor you can express your opinions about health laws etc. The more strongly you’ll express your opinions, more will be the chances to get comments. Example – Seth Godin Tries Out Brandjacking

5. Readers generated posts – Posts which are generated with the help of readers are likely to get more comments as compared to general posts. Because, you won’t be alone in promoting this post, your readers (co-authors) will be actively promoting it too. Example – 51 Tips For Saving Money On Technology

6. Series of Posts – Series of posts have a great power to keep the readers engaged. Not only they help you in breaking longer posts in to short ones and explaining things in a better way, but also help you to build a loyal following for your blog. Example – Website Traffic Series at DailyBlogTips

7. How-to Guide posts- Does your target audience is facing a common problem then write a detailed How-to guide on it covering solutions that can help them in solving their problems. Example – How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners

8. Group Writing Projects/Blog Carnivals â€“ Act as a host of group writing project (Blog carnival) where readers can write something on their blog and will come back to your blog with a link. You can link to then all the participant’s entries with an excerpt. Example – MelvinBlog’s Best Blog Marketing Tip Contest

9. Personal Stories/Motivational posts -Personal stories about yourself that can motivate your readers can easily attract the interest of your readers and make them to leave comments. Example – I used to be FAT until I had A Duodenal Switch

10. Humorous/Funny posts-Posts that can make your readers laugh can also force (in a good way) them to leave comments. Example – This is why I don’t clap along

11. In depth/detailed posts In depth posts covering every single point related to the topic. These are high quality posts which help bloggers to establish his credibility in niche. Example – How to Backpack

12. Creative posts
 Creative posts in which bloggers have tried to cover something which a reader has never heard of (or think of). Example – 53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without

13. Ask a question post 
– Ask a question to your readers. Asking a question that readers are interested in answering can easily increase the number of comments by 2-3 times. Example – Ask the readers section at GetRichSlowly

14. Interview post -Interviewing leaders of the niche to get them to answers some of the most common questions of the industry. Example – Link Building with the Experts – 2010 Edition

15. Real-time posts-Posts about hot trends and latest happenings that are taking place in the niche. Example – Thoughts on Google Instant (It is also an opinion post)

16. Reveal a secret post - Reveal a secret posts is a great way to attract some attention (and unwanted attention too) of the industry and to increase the number of comments. Example – An interview with Digg top user

17. Debate posts/controversial posts  Launching a debate about some hot topic between your readers and to see what happens. Example – Google Instant Makes SEO Irrelevant

18. Relatable posts-  Posts from your life which your readers can easily relate to. Example –Why men should give women flowers

These are the 18 types of posts which usually attracts more comments than other posts. Now go to your blog and share with us the links to your most commented post in the comments below.

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